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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bye Bye Blonde Girl!

It was my sophomore year of college at University of Redlands in southern California when my roommate and sorority sister - Jennie - asked me to dye her hair blonde....highlights in fact. Now mind you, I had never dyed anyone's hair...EVER...but she knew that. In fact, I hadn't even ever had my own hair dyed before at this point in my life. You'll do fine, she said. I just shrugged my shoulders and said, alright...if you say so.

We only had a couple of hours before she was to get dressed up for her boyfriend's fraternity formal, so we got to work. Now, I vaguely can recall my mother giving herself highlights when I was little...but that was with a cap. Jennie wanted me to use foil. She went over the general concept of what I was supposed to do, which to me, seemed simple enough. However, there was one big problem that I didn't realize until AFTER the highlighting had been done.

I learned the hard way about the right way to highlight. I started off doing just fine....take a chunk of hair, brush the dye on, wrap it in foil and repeat. But wait; the step that I missed was the bit where you are NOT supposed to dye the next chunk of hair. Essentially what I was doing was dying the entire upper portion of her head - I know now that this is NOT highlighting.

To make matters even worse, I took so long to foil her head that by the time it was all done, the hair in the front was WAY over done and had turned a not so pretty shade of orange.

Poor Jennie looked like a Muppet with a mullet.

Hence my internal fear of having my hair colored. I am forever worrying that the hairdresser will leave it in too long or put the wrong stuff in, and that my hair will just fall out.

Even so, I am TOTALLY excited to have my hair done tomorrow afternoon. It's been awhile (since July in fact), so I can't wait. My most favorite part of getting my hair done is when my hairdresser shampoos my head....it's even better then indulging in my favorite dish from Macaroni Grill - Pasta Milano.

Tomorrow is an extra special visit to get my hair done. Because tomorrow - I'm going brown, baby. Back in November I was on a flight trying to distract myself from the take off (that's another story for another day - oh yes, how much I LOVE to fly). I decided I would make myself a list of 50 or so things that I wanted to do or accomplish by that time next year. One of those was color my hair dark (perhaps I'll blog about the rest of the list sometime). Tomorrow, it's going to happen.

Bye Bye Blonde!

*This is one Geoff took of me.

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JennG said...

Lol!! That was just awesome! Thanks!!