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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Whirlwind.....that's just us.

Hi friends. Can you believe we are almost a week out from Thanksgiving?! I'm going to work super hard this week and really try to knock out a huge chunk of editing so I can actually enjoy a couple days off around Thanksgiving and not feel guilty. :/

Things have been a whirlwind around the Schultz household. In a good way......yet still a whirlwind.

Friday's are typically reserved for date/hangout day, since it is our only day off. We rarely spend time cleaning/getting important things done during this time....but for some reason, the majority of last Friday was spent cleaning and organizing. It felt good to catch up a bit on life stuff. And perhaps we fit in some Baskin Robbins ice cream and a movie (Premonition with Sandra Bullock - good movie in my opinion).

Saturday we got to shoot the wedding of Lindsay and Alex - this wedding was extra special, as they were married at the same place Geoff and I got married 2.5 years ago - The Great Aunt Stella Center. :)

On Sunday, I was out-shot by Geoff at Neera and Dave's engagement session in Belmont. Here's one of his amazing shots:

Yesterday - Monday - was my mother's 50TH birthday! Nothing else to report. Happy Birthday Mustang Sallee!

Today is Tuesday....and it will consist mostly of editing and giving lots of love to sweet Frank. He had his heart worm treatment a week ago and has since had his ups and downs. Today is a bad day.....lots of coughing and hacking....breaks my heart in a million pieces. I've been praying hard that he is relieved of the pain. :( Poor, sweet Frank.

Tomorrow - Wednesday - is going to be ROUGH. Sadly, I have totally and completely fallen off of the train of working out and eating right. But tomorrow, I'm going to my first Body By Buck session with Geoff and a bunch of other Elevation staff and spouses. It will be a miracle if I can make it through the 45 minute session.

And there you go. That's what's been going on the past few days. Also to come......are these:

Jen and Brian

Rebecca and Thomas

Emily and Michael

Melissa and Diego

(and a peek of their details - special post for Alyse) :)

Tomorrow you'll get to feast your eyes on Andrea and Shawn's Vanlandingham Estate wedding. :))))) Happy TUESDAY!


Corley May said...

The shot of Rebecca & Thomas makes my heart jump! SO beautiful.

Monica said...

Girlie you and Geoff ARE Rockstars!!
LOVE LOVE everything thing you post.

Andrea said...

YOU TEASE!! Can't wait!

Alyse Woodward Events - North Carolina Wedding Planner said...

I heart you Lee. :) Thanks for my preview! I can't wait to see all the other shoots as well - they look incredible as always!

Dana said...

I've been thinking about Frank. Hope the little guy gets better! Great pics as usual. :)

Lauren said...

That just breaks my heart about Frank. I pray that he will get better. Praying for you and Geoff too, it is such a selfless thing you are doing for Frank- so many people would not do the same. :)

Jessica said...

that sunset shot is breathtaking! Also what kind of car is the first picture? I totally have to get that when I get married!

Inspiring stuff as always!

Emily said...

One is not enough!!! I cannot wait to see more : )

Charlotte Wedding Photographer - Cheyenne Schultz said...

thanks, everyone. :)

jessica - i'm pretty sure it's a jaguar. :)

Rachel Fesko said...

Dang it Cheyenne... why do you have to be so darn good?