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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Natasha and Rob: A Surprise Wedding

It was late February that I got an email from a coordinator at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center telling me that there was a couple who was getting married in their facilities that had decided to move up their wedding date in July to mid MARCH. I was glad to see that we were available that weekend to shoot the wedding. In fact, it was our ONLY free Saturday until July, so we really lucked out.

When I met Natasha and Robert at their engagement session, I knew right away that I liked them. I realize this sounds trite, but both of them are genuinely nice people. Truly, truly, TRULY nice. I immediately felt as though I had known them for years and like they were good friends of ours.

Not only was it going to be a very quick turnaround to plan this wedding, but there was another twist. It was to be a "surprise" in that their guests wouldn't know about the wedding until the day of. After Natasha's bridal shower in the Knight Gallery in the Light Factory, they announced their intent to wed later that day and that guests should return in two hours.

Here are Natasha and Robert moments before guests were told of the wedding.

And let the frantic hair and makeup readiness begin!

Natasha, you are a stunning woman.

Hey now! Whoa, Rob - you look ridiculously hot.

One of my favorite guys' shots ever.

Beautiful details provided by The Place for Flowers.

Their ceremony got me. It got me big time. It was one of the most emotion-filled wedding ceremonies I have seen. The SECOND Robert caught sight of Natasha as she appeared at the foot of the aisle, he lost it. And as she walked toward him, you could tell how their eyes were completely fixed on each other....like there was no one else in that room besides them. It was one of those ceremonies that reminded me how much I LOVE what I do for a living.

Oh, and major props go out to the designer Gillian - she totally reworked the Duke Theatre from a basic black open room, to such a unique, chic, fresh feeling space. Amazing.

Rain and very little time following the ceremony left us with limited options for pictures, but lucky us - we had the beautiful McGlohon Theatre at our fingertips to grab a few shots before Natasha and Robert had to get back for their reception.

I couldn't leave out a shot of these fab cupcakes by PolkaDot Bakery - love em'! :)

Congratulations Natasha and Robert -many many many blessings to you both. :)


kristin said...

Gorgeous! Love the dramatic ceremony lighting. Great surpise for the guests!

Alicia Williams Photography said...


Anonymous said...

u r awesome :)


Bobbie said...

These are gorgeous!

Tracy (Serendipity Images) said...

I love the groomsmen shot -- it looks bound for the cover of a magazine ;-)

cristy cross said...

I love this story. How sweet and awesome to be apart of their day. Beautiful images. I love your colors and silky smooth look :)

Hey did any of those pics turn out good that you took of me at BLEND? Just curious since you didn't show me. I KNOW you do a great job, the only thing holding back would be if I looked good :)

Jessica L Sack said...

Oooo, I've been waiting for these ever since you first blogged about it! It doesn't get anymore romantic than a surprise wedding! The pictures are all gorgeous, of course... :)

Jeremy said...

These are GREAT Cheyenne!

SJB Weddings & Events said...

Thanks for the background story. Great post and of course great photography!

Gillian Albinski said...

Thanks for taking such great pix, and for your kind comments about the design. I worked hard to achieve a dramatic but economical design, and Tony's lighting finished it off perfectly!

jamiedelaine said...

Cheyenne this whole wedding is off the hookkkkk!

Anonymous said...

Cheyenne- We are so blessed to have worked with you. You made our dreams come true!

Know that you will always be our photographer!!!

Everyone is raving about your work.

Please mail us your business cards.

Rob & Natasha

Tammy Williams said...

These shots really captured the essence of Tasha & Rob's love for each other. The shot of Rob getting his first glimpse of Tasha is priceless...I could feel the love!

chocolate rose said...
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chocolate rose said...

I loved this so much I just have to feature it on my own blog (it should post later tonight or tomorrow). I hope you don't mind. :-) I love photography and like to feature what I can, when I can. I've just run across your blog today and I'm loving it! Keep up the goodness.