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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Countdown: Five Days

And let the countdown begin!

Only FIVE days left to get your submission in! Need I remind you of what you can win - no strings attached?

A photo shoot with US!
Disc of images - you can print as many as you want, where ever you want!
Coffee table book like this with your pics
iPod touch - seriously - a 8GB iPod touch!

That's over $1000 value folks. And again - submissions NEED NOT be professional - just fun. See full contest details HERE!


Kristy P said...

are you kidding me.
i die.

robin said...

Your husband earned big time points with this, didn't he? These pictures are just awesome. Wish I could enter the contest!!

Bobbie said...

Oh my word! I am hysterical! I am just now seeing both this post and the last one, and I love them!! I need to get our pix taken and sent in to you, I really want to win a free shoot!!

Karen Schultz said...

Geoffrey, Geoffrey, Geoffrey Adam.
What is a mother to say?
This is as funny as your Spanish videos and your dance challenge in Savannah. Can everyone imagine what it was like raising this child?
His loving mother.

kristin said...

This is awesome!


hey, I just do what I can....

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

I love that e-session of yours :) Congrats!

Darrell Brock said...

Geoff seems to be way too into this cupid role! : )