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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Featured: The Bokeh Pot

It's official. Geoff and I.....we're adults.

When Geoff and I got engaged in 2006 I was living and working in Clemson, SC - two hours from Geoff. As much as I loved my job, my church, and my overall life there, it seemed more logical for me to move up to Charlotte, rather than Geoff move down to Tiger Country. And of course - God provided. Shortly following the proposal, a job came available in my field (my previous field, that is) at Davidson College - just a short ride up the rode from Charlotte. Within two weeks of seeing the job posting, I had interviewed, gotten and accepted an offer, and was packing my bags to make the move.

One hitch in this move was that I would be leaving my beautifully complete fully furnished apartment behind and into a very empty 2 bedroom Victorian house. I was hardly in the position to purchase what I wanted to furnish my new place, so I got what I needed - 2nd hand, bare bones style.

One necessity was a dining room table and chairs. The girl who was moving out of the house to which I was moving into was selling hers. She sold it to me for $75. Honestly, she would have been so lucky had I just taken it off her hands so she could avoid hauling it to the trash heap. Even so, I bought the dang thing from her out of convenience sake of it already being in the house. And as to why we have taken it with us to the two places Geoff and I have lived together since getting married INSTEAD of just trashing it? Ugh. Don't ask.

I can't express my incredible despise for this table and chairs. I tried to conceal its horridness by accessorizing with place mats and a centerpiece. And when friends would come over for dinner, I made sure either Geoff and I sat in the broken chair that I was sure would crumble in the middle of our meal.

The time had come to say goodbye to this fine piece. So fine, in fact, that we donated it to a fraternity. Just goes to show you what a total gem this table really was. Over the weekend Geoff and I went dining table shopping. After choking a few times at the cost, we sucked it up and brought home a beautiful new espresso brown wood table from Pier One - with six non-broken chairs, mind you. :)

So yes, one glance over into our dining room today and I know we have officially reached adulthood.

Also, be sure to check out my interview with The Bokeh Pot that was blogged today by the fabulous Crystal Genes!

And finally - we've got something super big in the works that we'll be revealing THIS FRIDAY at 12 noon. Seriously, it's big. And we're excited. Way excited. :)



It's true - this officially makes me feel grown up... having a real dining room table and chairs... it's funny that this is what makes me feel matured, ha.

and CONGRATS baby! Didn't even know you did this interview... good stuff, love ya.

Amy Martin said...

just in time for all of us to come over for dinner :)

Robin Day said...

As always thanks for the inspiration. I can't wait to come to Charlotte and meet you some time.

Bobbie said...

Great interview! And I love your new table!!

Caroline Ghetes said...

Love the new table and the interview was fun to read! Congrats on your success and I wish you much more success in 2009! (BTW Redeeming Love is also my favorite book. I am trying to get my husband to read it too.)

Katherine B. said...

Hahaha, I looked at the picture first and THEN started reading about the table story... I got the part that said "I can't express my incredible despise for this table and chairs" and I kept thinking, umm, wow, cuzz that's a GORGEOUS dining set, what's wrong with her... LOL.

Katherine B. said...

Whoops meant to say got TO the part.

Melissa Cockman Photography said...

Love the adorable pink place mats!!!

Anonymous said...

Cheyenne & Geoff,

We love the new new dining room set, the paint, mats...ok you get the pic...it's so us!

Hope you are well! I am addicted to your site

Natasha...oh and my HUSBAND Rob :-)