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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Anna and Steve: Married!

When I first got into photography I would hear just how great second shooting was ALL THE TIME. Everyone would talk about how fun it is because you get to be get some different shots and stretch yourself creatively...blah, blah...yeah, yeah. Well, it's so true! Not only do you have the freedom to be as creative as you want, but the pressure associated with "getting the shot" isn't there. So yeah, basically it's great.

Speaking of second shooting, I had the opportunity to shoot for Charlotte photographer David Johnson at the beginning of August. He was in need of some help to shoot the girls getting ready, as well as the ceremony of Anna and Steve in Rock Hill. Lucky me - I was available. :)

Anna got ready with PLENTY of time to spare before the ceremony started, so I had a lot of time to capture some fun details shots, as well as some awesome bridal portraits.

The ring - DANG!

The attire - LOVE IT.

The bouquet - Oh. My. Goodness.....THE BOUQUET. I'm OBSESSED with this bouquet. Seriously - isn't it gorgeous?!! It was ENORMOUS.

Just because I love it so much, here's another shot.....

....and another.

I found this next shot to be interesting - it was shot in a mirror.

Are you serious? Beautiful!

It was REALLY warm outside, so we opted to stay in for Anna's shots with her bridesmaids. Unfortunately, we were limited for space inside the church - especially because of Anna's large number of girls! FORTUNATELY for me, they looked HOT when I packed them all in to the space that we had to work with.

Super tall window in the bridal suite + some time to kill = flipping SWEET shots!

A little bit of texture - just for fun.

Georgia fan anyone?

Steve - waiting for his bride.

They are way cute.

Congrats you two!

Thanks so much for the opportunity, David!!! :)


Shara Lana said...

Beautiful Cheyenne!!! You have been rockin' it girl!!!

Lisette Price Photography said...

Gorgeous! I am in love the with the shot of the bride looking down at her bouquet in front of those doors. Wow!

ahutch said...

YAY! So glad you and Dave met. You're my two favorite photographers. It's awesome to see both your take on the ceremony AND his... I couldn't wait for you to post this blog! :-)

kristin said...

Gorgeous shots in the window!

Anonymous said...

What were the girls in the blue? Love the shots!


Peak Definition said...

Your photography is really beautiful! Great stuff. (We found your link on Visio's blog)