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Monday, May 19, 2008

We're Back. :(

Boy, did we have a GREAT time in the Bahamas. The whole weekend was simply fabulous. Even though our primary purpose in being there was for "work", it felt much more like a vacation. Getting to hang out with Mary and the girls again was great - I had almost forgotten how fun and crazy they are....especially when all four are together. 

I am thrilled for Mary. Her now husband - Niall - is an absolute sweetheart. He was constantly checking on Geoff and I to make sure we had everything we needed. Plus, he is Irish - how could we not like him? :)

This little mini-vacation was just what Geoff and I needed. We have been so stressed out, barely finding time to breathe....let alone enjoy each other. My favorite moments were in the evenings when we'd sit on the beach just enjoying the sound of the waves. That, coupled with a beer, was pure heaven. 

Coming soon will be a complete recount of Mary and Niall's wedding weekend - check back! For now, here's a few to tide our blog readers over. :)

A few shots of us in action!

Here's a teaser of Mary and Niall that we got the night before their wedding day.

Goodbye Bahamas - we'll miss you.


SJB Weddings & Events said...

Beautiful! I'm so jealous!

Amanda Suanne said...

Hey Girl! Wow I love the blue sky!! You work is beautiful! Josh and I went on our honeymoon the the bahamas and it was sweeeet!!

Vanessa said...

Gorgeous blue sky! Glad you had fun!!!

Scarlett Lillian said...

Fun in action shots! Your hubby is a hottie!