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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Taylor's Rehearsal Dinner

Tiff and Scott's Rehearsal Dinner was GREAT. It was held at the Green Valley Country Club (hence the photo above) in Greenville, South Carolina, which had plenty of cool features for me to photograph!

Um, yeah...love this shot of Tiffany. She's so cute!

This little girl was CRACKING ME UP with this toothpick.

What we thought would be a nice, quiet moment during the prayer for dinner turned out to be quite funny. Right as the prayer started, so did the upbeat background music at the restaurant. We all couldn't help from laughing.

This next sequence of shots is of Tiffany and Scott revealing their wedding gifts to one another.

Scott had kept the honeymoon destination secret from Tiffany throughout the engagement - the running joke was that they were going to Alaska. She couldn't WAIT to find out where they would be heading to after the wedding! He prepared a photo book full of pictures of.....


They are currently tracking around this fabulous European country - which I've never been to....hint hint, husband of mine. :)

So yeah, here is Scott revealing the secret. I love the expressions on Tiffany's face. Makes me smile.

Who would have thought one could have topped a gift to go to Italy?! Tiffany managed to do so. She gave him an old Mustang that he can fix up (which apparently he likes to do!). Here are the pics of her giving him a miniature version of the car.

Again, expressions on their faces are simply priceless.

Here is the first of the three cakes we ate over the course of the weekend. And let me tell you - they were all made by the same lady and they were all FABULOUS!

Seriously, it was some good cake-eating.

Bridesmaid Luncheon images coming up next! Check back soon!

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