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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Honeymoon Pics - Part One

It was too hard to pick out only a few of our honeymoon pictures for the blog to share. So, I've divided them into four posts for easy viewing.

Run down of the trip to Cancun, Mexico - besides my getting sick (i mean, REAL sick) one day and then both of us getting the worse sunburn's of our lives (we are STILL peeling!), the honeymoon was FANTASTIC. Most of all, it was just great to be away somewhere together (and the food/drinks whenever we wanted didn't hurt either!).

This set of images is from our first day getting there. We stayed at Cancun Palace, which turned out to be a great resort. The hotel was beautiful, the beach was great, and we were NEVER hungry.


Lisa McPherson said...

Cheyenne, First things first. I am coming to S.C. to kidnap Ellen. I could eat her up!!!!!
Now the pictures you took OH my WORD!!!!! I called your Grandma and told her to get on line and look @ these beautiful visions you have seen through your eyes. I love it all!!!
I am so glad you both are doing well and are happy. Lisa

Lanza said...

Thanks for writing this.