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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Megan and Tate - Married - Charlotte Wedding Photographer

When Geoff and I arrived to the church where Megan and Tate were to be married, it was pouring. I mean, POURING down rain. So much rain that we had to back the car up to the church doors to bring our equipment inside. When I first saw Megan, she was calm, cool, and collected - no rain was going to phase her wedding day. :)

Within 15 minutes of unpacking our gear, we were greeted by the amazing Scott Steward of SFS Productions. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Scott is one of my favorite wedding videographers in Charlotte...he is one of the best...for real.

About 45 minutes before the ceremony began, to my COMPLETE delight, the buckets of rain had subsided - which allowed Geoff to take the guys and me to take the girls outside for a few quick shots. And MAJOR PROPS go out to Megan, Tate, and their bridal party for bearing the insane HEAT that followed once we got to Firethorne Country Club for more pictures before the reception. Even in May, it was REALLLLY warm.

Megan wore two pairs of shoes for her wedding day....exhibit A - her ceremony shoes.

And exhibit B - she rocked these pink one's for the reception.

Can I just say how OBSESSED I was with her bouquet? I LOVE peonies....like, a lot. When I saw Megan's flowers (done by The Flower Diva), my jaw dropped.

Hello, Tate!

LOVE this. oh yes.

Actually, I LOVE all of these.

You have no idea how difficult it was to get this shot - it took many, many tries....and a lot of patience, which I struggled with. :/ Lucky for me, I have an incredible husband who IS patient....even when I'm not.

The cake tasted REALLY REALLY REALLY good - props to Decadent Designs.

Favorite toasting shot ever.

Z Brothers DJ's rocked it out....and man, did Megan and Tate's guests DANCE!

Love this moment. :)

Congratulations Megan and Tate - many blessings for your new life together! It has been a pleasure to be your photographers. :))))


Trinette said...

LOVE the shot of the grandmother...soooo sweet! Amazing work, yet again, Cheyenne!! I also think the ring shot was well worth the patience. It turned out great! I love your creativity, which is why I am SO glad you're our photographer!

hubby said...

YAY! Great post baby.... ring shot was worth it! Really love that toast shot too... you da' bomb!

Bobbie said...

Another great shoot! Love all of these; but I am really loving the feeling of the dance one you did from above...

Matthew and Molly Snelson of Mathieu Photography said...

Cheyenne!!! You're work is always beautiful and you have such an awesome eye for composition!!!!


xo. Molly

Megan said...

Thank you so much for the AMAZING pictures! You are so talented -- couldn't have asked for a better photographer to capture our day : )