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Friday, June 5, 2009

Crystal and Matt - Married - The Speedway Club

Buckle up folks - it's going to be a long one.

After picking my favorites from this wedding for the blog I realized I had only whittled it down to 42. FORTY-TWO?! I'm not exactly sure what to attribute that to. Maybe because I've been editing and blogging my butt off all week and am having trouble with my filter function? Or maybe it's because Crystal just looked so dang amazing on her wedding day that I couldn't pick just ONE shot of her in her dress? Or maybe it's all wedding planner Alyse Woodward's fault seeing as she planned a wedding with SO MANY INCREDIBLE details? Who knows.

Blogging 42 images in one post is breaking my personal blogging etiquette rules....but whatever.....it's 1:30am as I type this, so I grant myself the permission to do whatever I want! Okay, CLEARLY I'm losing it. :)

But truly - Crystal and Matt's wedding day was fab. We were pretty nervous about the prospect of rain. It began to come down right as I was finishing up pics with Crystal and her girls. And then it rained through the ceremony and during family pictures. But then, low and behold....it let up, which allowed for us to get what we needed for post-ceremony pictures.

All in all, it was a great day - enjoy!

**I'm sorry, Crystal, but I couldn't help but put that first shot of you above in here - it makes me way too happy inside. :) **

As I hung with the girls while they got ready, Geoff met up with Matt and his guys for some pre-wedding hoops.

LOVE the old school b-ball pic.

Soon after, they all got cleaned up.....

.....well, some of them anyway. :)

After the girls finished with hair and makeup at the hotel, we headed over to the beautiful Orchard House in Concord for Crystal to get dressed and pictures with her bridesmaids. Great idea from Crystal's wedding videographer - Irish Alan of Crown Alley Films.

And what have I said to do if you don't have a legit macro lens? Secure your focus, flip over your 50mm, hold it on your camera and get that macro shot.....sweet!

This ranks up among favorite bridal portraits of all time.

And yeah - this one's up there too in the ranks....for sure.

Crystal's wedding colors = black and white with a slight pop of color....RED!

Hey now!

Soon enough, the ceremony was upon us.

Love this sweet moment between Crystal and her Mamaw.

Yup....married! :)

The reception was held at The Speedway Club in Concord, NC. How fabulous are all of these details? Um....yes, please. Great work by Alyse Woodward Events and Chelish Moore.

Crystal and Matt's first dance was AMAZING. Can you tell? Matt even busted out the running man. Oh yes, that happened.

Everyone loved it.

Want to make your wedding photographer happy? Give her a candy buffet. :)))

Split Second Sound had the floor on fire.

Can you believe this incredible cake by Cake Lady Jill? I mean - no surprise here actually - Cake Lady Jill ALWAYS
rocks the house with her cake creations. NO DOUBT.

And as if we hadn't been entertained enough.....Matt and his guys put on a special performance. I was shocked to see those guys move like they did. It was amazing. And a little scary. :)

Ring shot ON ICE.

I love a great sparkler send off.

And yes, Crystal and Matt left in the bed of a pick-up truck. AWESOME.

Congrats you two - much love!!! :)


Candice {The Beautiful Mess} said...

Girl...I cannot BELIEVE how fast you rocked out all of these sessions this week! You are AWESOME! Hope you and Geoff have SO much fun this weekend...you definitely deserve it! Tell the girls {Ellen & Jazzy} we say HI!

Jessica L Sack said...

Absolute LOVE!!! These are FABOUSH! And that ring bearer? To die for, seriously! Amazing details too... See you soon!

Briony said...

gosh these are all so fab! you are definitely one of my fave wedding photographers. i wish i could just watch you work...i have sooo much to learn!

photoEdge said...

Gorgeous! All of it... the bride, the details, the ceremony and the pictures! When I eventually get married you can expect a phone call :o) Congrats to the newlyweds too!!

Molly Davis said...

Wow, those are amazing!!! But I have to know what was in that special box from her Grandmother? What a special photo of them!

Cheyenne Schultz said...

thanks everyone!

molly - it was actually a gift from crystal to her grandma.....it was a poem - her grandma asked crystal to read it outloud for her. :)

Katherine B. said...

Now I know why you had such a hard time getting below 42, these are AMAZING!!!!!!! One of the best wedding shoots I've seen!! Love love love!!! :)

Lissa Anglin said...

You are such a ROCKSTAR! I love, love love these. Fantastic job.

Emily Porter said...

These are all GORGEOUS! No wonder you couldn't narrow them down any more than you already did. Every shot is incredible.

Alicia Damron said...

These are amazing, I love watching your work hit the blog! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Great work and love the first pic!!!
Belgium, Europe

Your Mother said...

These are all absolutly amazing but I LOVE the one close up of the bride at the lace curtains!!

i Do {blog!} said...

Wow, what an amazing wedding!!! You are so talented, I love your work! I would love to get any shots you have of the aisle runner and some of the other items we created for Crystal's wedding... I'll e-mail you shortly. Again you are just fabulous!

Ashton said...

I'm so sad that I wasn't able to attend Crystal's wedding. Your pictures are gorgeous, Cheyenne. I'm so glad you took their pictures. It's great to see my big sister, Suzy at her best friend's wedding. :)