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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trinette and Jason: Engaged!

In the words of Billy Crudup in Almost Famous, "Just make us look cool, man."

This is what Trinette wrote to me an email when we were brainstorming for her and Jason's engagement session. I know a lot of photographers say this, but I don't care - I'll say it and I truly mean it....we have been SO blessed to work with some amazing people - people who really trust us to do our jobs....which are the best kind of clients. :)

Trinette also told me that her and Jason were both into "fashion, contemporary style and modern, clean lines." Sounds good to me!

We also found a way to incorporate their mutual love for the Panthers - we couldn't work it out to get in the actual stadium...but this building we found still captured the spirit. :)

Oh, I so love this wall.

Fashion? Contemporary style? Modern, clean lines? CHECK!

And what better to capture the essence of Charlotte then with the lightrail?

Can't wait for your wedding, guys! :)


Amanda said...

the first image is oh so beautiful!! :) I wish we had cool buildings like yall do down here in Florida!!! :)

Kristy Powell said...

Oh my goodness I die over the one where she is leaning on his back, they are on the ground.
Beautiful, AND it looks as though you captured them. That's the best!

bobbi said...

These are PHENOMENAL!!!!!! Seriously, great :) So much variety :D ME MISSA YOUA!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! That is all I can say, just WOW!!!!

Jason Atri said...

Is it me, or do I look pissed off in most of these? :)

Really though, they look great Cheyenne! I know that I am not the easiest person to photograph, being that I am a bit camera shy. You did a wonderful job, and I'm sure Trinette will be more than pleased with how they turned out.

Jessica L Sack said...

I LOVE the shots in front of the blue wall!!! You find the best walls in Charlotte - y'all should make a poster... ;)

Trinette Kahm said...

Yay!! So excited about these!! I am so amazed by your artistic eye! :) You really are a superstar! LOVE them...like psychotically LOVE them!

Karen Schultz said...

The lines of Trish and Jason's pics are incredibly cool...like a take off so to speak of "Mondrian contemporary" or "Cheyenne contemporary" We will have to put you in wikpedia...what do you think?

Grant and Leandra said...

WOW! I bet this couple is absolutely thrilled with their pictures-- I would be!

Katherine B. said...

Beautiful!! Looooove these!!! The blue Panthers color and the black outfit she is wearing is an AWESOME combo - this is one hot couple!! :D

Bobbie said...

Okay, haven't been on in awhile... and I am loving all this eye candy you have posted!! This shoot and the others you've recently posted are GREAT!!!!!