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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rebecca and Omar: Married!

Rain. That's what we got on Rebecca and Omar's wedding day. And the reason I knew it would still be a great day? When Rebecca looked out the window as she got ready to discover big huge fat drops falling furiously from the sky onto the lake....what did she say?

"OH MY GOSH.......isn't it BEAUTIFUL?!"

Now that's a cool lady. She wasn't going to let a little water get in the way of her joy on her wedding day. No sir.

Geoff and I include an engagement session with all of our wedding packages mainly so we can get to know the couple before their actual wedding day. We actually didn't have a chance to shoot Rebecca and Omar's session, so the wedding was the first time we were going to meet each other. Honestly, we were a little nervous and were praying that we would click. But I tell you what.....the second Rebecca saw me she screamed "Cheyenne!" and gave me a big hug....and from there on any ounce of nervousness was gone for good. Both Rebecca and Omar are incredibly sweet people. They were so good to us, even for just meeting us.

Hello, pretty lady!

Rain outside means groomsmen and bridesmaid pics inside. And the guys and gals still brought it.

Off to the ceremony they go.

Cutest child ever...am I right?

Thank you thank you God for giving us just TEN minutes after the ceremony of no rain. Seriously - we had TEN minutes before it started POURING again. What are you going to do? Hit up the parking lot. :)

Congratulations Omar and Rebecca! Here's to a fabulous marriage! :)))


Lauren said...

I ADORE that ring shot! :)

jamiedelaine said...

Your images are ridiculous. ;)

Corley said...

Love the strawberries!! Such a pretty rainstorm.

Lauren said...

awesome shots!

Hopeful said...

ok. your blog is amazing... I LOVE your pictures all the time...

Studio222 Photography said...

WOWOWOWOW! Those trees are amazing! Love all the details too. So lovely!

Jessica L Sack said...

LOVE that shoe shot!

Best Impressions Caterers said...

Is that bird real?!? I mean all the pictures are great, but that one stuck out to me for some reason!! Great job as usual Cheyenne.