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Monday, May 18, 2009

Kate and Jason: Married - The Pewter Rose

Clearly, we are SUPER behind in blogging! Even so, I promise I will blog each and every wedding and session - starting with Kate and Jason's wedding day!

Let's start by checking out this stud, Jason!

And Kate? WOW. That's all I have to say.

Prior to her engagement session a couple months ago, Kate had emailed me voicing a little nervousness about not knowing what to do for the shoot and that all of the people on my blog look like models. Well, Kate.....you blew it off the flipping roof - you are STUNNING.

Hair and makeup by the fab Kymm of Who's the Fairest.

Kate's two sisters were her bridesmaids.

The ceremony took place at the tiny little St. Mary's Chapel in uptown Charlotte. I have driven past this chapel many of times and finally had the chance to shoot inside. SO cute.

One of my all time favorite kiss the bride shots.

With only a few family formal photos to take following the ceremony left Geoff and I plenty of time to steal Jason and Kate away for their portraits....it was SO nice to not be rushed.

Note to all of our upcoming brides and grooms - it makes ALL the difference to plan out your wedding day schedule with enough time for pictures of just the two of you. It's much more difficult to "bring the magic" when all we've got is five minutes. :(

And by the way, I LOVE this shot.

If you only could see what it took to get this shot - Kate and Jason were champs.....behind them was about an 8 foot drop to the ground! (no worries, we took safety precautions and had Kate remove her shoes :)))

And if we didn't already have a ton of great pics, we still had MORE time, so we went to a special spot to see the skyline.

Spin, Kate, spin!

Their reception was in South End at Tutto Mundo (attached to the Pewter Rose).

Congratulations, Kate and Jason! We wish you the very best! :)


missjulierae said...

Beautiful!!! I am getting so excited!

Matthew Hammett said...

These are really, really good!!

Stephanie Lynn Photography said...

Amazing! I love the first one of her. Simple, yet bold.

erica a de flamand said...

*love* the photo of her coming through the door down the aisle.well, actually, love them all :)

Jesse Fender said...

Beautiful!! Kate looked MUCH MORE beautiful than a model!

Kelly said...

Cheyenne - These are incredible! I can't belive she was nervous about not looking like a model... she's stunning! You appear to have captured their big day perfectly!

Cait said...

Cheyenne, you are amazing. You and Geoff are so good... LOVE it.

Candice {The Beautiful Mess} said...

You know I'm a sucker for close ups....and the one of the bride's face close up...is AWESOME! Kim rocks on hair and make up, for reals!

Great work friends!

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Loving the motion blur and detail shots :)

Anonymous said...

Love this! This one of your best weddings yet!!!!

Jackie said...

These pictures are absolutely stunning. Cheyenne, you are an amazing photographer!

Amy Martin said...

Her eyes are beautiful! :) Great job!

Katherine B. said...


Bobbie said...

Um... WOW!is all I have to say about this entire shoot! I looooove it! Especially the ones of them up on the "8foot dropoff.." and then the ones with the skyline - amazing!!!!!

Grant and Leandra said...

Wow! Gorgeous wedding and gorgeous pictures. I love all the portraits, especially the 8 ft. drop one!