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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Random Thoughts and Sneak Peek

It's been a crazy busy weekend, so I'm glad to finally be sitting on the couch with my fleece blanket relaxing for a bit before we go to bed. For the past few weeks we haven't been getting to sleep until after 2am - I don't know why I ever thought it was going to slow down somewhat this fall....I feel like it has been even busier then the spring/summer was. Anyway, I think for tonight we're going to try to skip the editing, the designing, the emailing.......and just turn in early. If you are waiting for a response to an email you wrote, I promise I will get to you tomorrow!

I'm especially loving this evening because of some special treats we got from our friends Candice and Daniel. They just got back from a week in California and they brought us back my FAVORITE chocolate on earth - See's candy. I'm so excited for these two - while they were in CA, they had a photo shoot with Jasmine Star and her husband JD! Check out their sneak peek HERE!

Yesterday we shot a wedding for an incredibly sweet couple - Laura and Joe. It was a great day - besides the fact that my shins are now killing me from running up and down Tryon in my new shoes - I'm aching! And p.s. - this is one of my favorite bride/groom shots of all time!


Jasmine said...

What an awesome sneak peek! :)

hubby said...

Hot baby.... love this shot!

Mary Marantz said...

oooh that's a killer shot!!