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Thursday, October 9, 2008


DANG, it has been a long day!

I don't think I mentioned it, but Geoff and I are in Atlanta for the Catalyst conference with the rest of Elevation's staff and spouses (and a big number of volunteers!). It is nothing like what I thought it would be. To be honest, I pictured it being a stuffy, boring conference with a bunch of old dudes in suits! In actuality, it is pretty much the opposite. There's over 12,000 people here - of all ages - all here to get fired up as leaders of the church. The speakers have rocked it out, the music has been awesome, and there wasn't one suit in sight.

What a blessing to be able to shoot this event! I wasn't "official" and didn't really have the right access to be taking pictures up front, but basically was told to shoot until I was told not to. Ask for forgiveness, not for permission - my motto for all things photography. :) I'll be blogging a bunch more from Catalyst later - for now, I'll leave you with one image of Pastor Steven up there doing his thing. He was PHENOMENAL - so phenomenal, in fact, that he got a standing ovation from THE WHOLE ARENA. Seriously, if you are live in Charlotte and have not yet been to hear this man speak, you'll need to get to Elevation ASAP....at least once (but I'd venture to guess once you go, you'll be hooked).

Thank you Elevation for giving Geoff and I the opportunity to hit up Catalyst....it has been some great times indeed. I can't describe the feeling of 12,000+ people singing in unison as loud as they can, "oh, how He loves us". Seriously....it rocked me.


hubby said...

I am so freakin' excited right now. Pastor Steven KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK this afternoon. If you didn't read my other comment from Cheyenne's last post, "honored" sums it up and to be able to be on a team that is under the leadership of Pastor Steven, all I can sum it up to be right now is under the word "honored" - Look out Charlotte, you haven't seen nothin' yet.... God is gonna show up in a big way, and I can't wait!

Daniel and Candice:The Beautiful Mess Photography said...

Cheyenne. GREAT SHOT! IT makes me sad that we weren't able to go...but I had no doubts that Pastor really challenged the church leadership for our nation and many more! Praise God for what HE has done!

kristin said...

I'm glad ya'll are having an awesome time. My good friend, Kelly, is there too with you guys. Hopeuflly ya'll have met!

Scott Fillmer said...

It really was an incredible few days... great shot you have of Steve, he was so animated, it was great fun to shoot pics of him while he was jumping around the stage.