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Monday, October 27, 2008

Much Needed

June 15th, 2004. I had been in the car by myself for 14 hours. 14 hours is a really big deal considering I used to be out-of-my-mind-crazy-talking-to-myself at the four hour mark when driving from my southern California college to my northern California hometown. Despite the amount of boring alone time, the trip wasn’t TOO bad. I killed time talking to friends and family on my cell phone and stopped for frequent snickers/butterfinger blizzard treats at the Dairy Queen. Actually, one of those blizzards ended up on my passenger side sun visor when it splashed up after hitting a pothole in the road…and ashamedly, I never cleaned it off…so, I am reminded of that trip anytime I look up to the right in my car.

Back to the point.

FINALLY, after what seemed like two very long eternities, I pulled into the city I would be calling home for the next three months of my life. Being in this new city wasn’t part of my initial plan. I had desperately wanted my summer internship to be at a school with a large southern football team. But somehow…for some reason….I ended up at my 2nd choice…..an art school.

As I-16 ended straight into Savannah, Georgia, I had not one clue that the people I would meet there (especially ONE person in particular) would change my life forever.


I love being in Savannah. Every time we are back for visit, I am put back in the moment of that summer – and it just makes me feel SO happy inside. I was glad to be able to spend a weekend there with our friends – Jon, Lauren, David and Lara. Our primary purpose in being there was to shoot Jon and Lauren’s engagement pictures, (which by the by, are ADORABLE) but a lot of our time was spent eating, drinking coffee and laughing. For now, here’s a bunch of shots from our weekend….us being us. ☺

The girls.

The guys.

We had some time to kill while Jon and Lauren switched outfits in between in shoot - so I made Geoff model while I played with my 50mm lens. And I'm sorry, but how flipping hot is my husband???? Ummmmm....yeah.

I handed over the camera to Jon to take a few of Geoff and I - we have hardly any pictures of us together!

LOVE this.


Jesse Fender said...

You guys are so adorable and always look like you are having so much fun! We can't wait to see you in less than a month!!

Daniel said...

I love this! It's so sweet... there's nothing like being with your dear friends.... that takes you back! Great pictures...as always!

We love Savannah..we stayed there our first night on our honeymoon :)

Daniel said...

p.s. this is actually...candice...i'm still logged in as my hubby :) ha!

Christy Bear Photography said...

I'm so happy you and Geoff met that summer, it warms my heart. The pictures are great and you two look incredibly happy. love to you both :)

Lauren said...

Love it :D The pics of you and Geoff are really cute!

Erika Herrera said...

Gosh you guys are so cute!

Maryann said...

geoff is hot, you are gorgeous. period. these pics made me teary eyed though. i miss y'all so much.

Amy Hutchison said...

Your band pictures crack me up... in a good way, of course. No offense to David and Jon, but you can tell Geoff gets to practice his modeling a lot more with you. ;-) Glad y'all had fun. So amazing that all three couples are getting married within 3 years of each other. Go God!

Amy Martin said...

No pics of the two of you together?! We need to remedy that! :)