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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Old People

When I was little...probably in middle school...my friends and I use to go down to the Rio Vista ballpark to watch "the old people" play. Well, I guess we didn't really go down there to watch the game - we mostly went for purpose of running around together with licorice doing whatever it is that 8th graders do.

As an 8th grader..."old" meant you were 22 or older.

Two weeks ago I was back home in California for a reunion with my 5 best girlfriends from high school. The night before we headed over to San Francisco for the weekend I found myself back down at the ballpark to say hi to some high school friends I haven't seen in many years. Except this time....my friends weren't running back and forth through the bleachers with candy in hand....this time, they were on the field. Somehow, we became the old people.

I know I always seem to make cliche comments...so here's another one - I REALLY feel like I was JUST in high school yesterday. It totally blows my mind to think that this year marks TEN YEARS since I walked across the stage with my 80-some-odd classmates that I had known since the first grade.

Don't get me wrong - I'm pretty dang happy with where my life has taken me through the years.....but sometimes, it would be awful nice to be sixteen again....driving to my friend Lindsey's house in my green pickup truck......Outkast blasting through my speakers......with my what seemed like daily ritual of after school Shell station nachos and mentos....to watch Jerry Springer....without a care in the world.


This October is my ten year reunion. Since I'll be shooting a wedding and will be unable to attend, we decided to have a mini-reunion with "The Six Pack". Yes, that's what we called ourselves. :)

I didn't shoot a terrible amount other than on Saturday when we took the ferry to Alameda...here's a few of my favorites. :)

Love this.

And yes, of course I forced them to let me take a headshot. :)





And here we are - well, most of us. We have a bad track record of not having pictures with ALL six of us. Our sixth - Judie - had to travel back for her son's karate belt ceremony.


Alyse Woodward Events - North Carolina Wedding Planner said...

Awesome. I want to hang those pictures in my house. Would you mind grandma? ;)

zazaosopretty said...

OMG!! Sooooo Cute Cheyenne. I love all the pictures. I am so freaking sad that I wasn't there

But, I guess if I had't of gone to go see Kennys Martial Arts show I would be saying the same about him too. I guess sacrifices are huge when your a parent. And I do LOVE my KIDDOS.

We should really try to make some kind of plans for another get together... next year??? Maybe we can all meet up in Arizona and stay at Jackies!! ;-) wink wink

Well take care xoxo Judie

Candice {The Beautiful Mess} said...

i agree with alyse...i want that black and white photo on my walls. pronto.

so glad you had a great time...and so sorry you were sick for part of the time...you look just lovely in the photo you were in!

Karie McLain said...

So cute ... and how fun!!!! I'm jealous!!

Jax said...

These are wonderful! I can't wait to see the rest!!

Darn that Judie! I think I have one of all 6 of us from dinner Saturday night. (Though it will not look nearly as nice as any of Cheyenne's photos). I'll get it to you all as soon as I can (stop being sick)!

AND - I'd love to have you all come down here and hang out with me and wink wink! ;)

Love you! xoxo

oh this life. said...

Loving the brown hair Chey Chey...