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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Meredith and Ben - Engaged - Charlotte Wedding Photographer

While we aren't able to photograph Meredith and Ben's wedding day, I was glad for the opportunity to shoot their engagement session. These two live up in Chicago, but were down in Charlotte for Meredith's bridal shower a few weeks ago. I was SUPER happy for the nice weather since we didn't have the option to reschedule!

Meredith told me prior to the shoot that they are a pretty outdoorsy couple, so we went for a natural setting. She also told me that in his free time, Ben is most happy throwing a disc around. So, about an hour before the shoot, I found myself rummaging through Geoff's closet in search of his discs. Yup - found em'. And....they were pretty colors...score for me!

When we got to our shooting location, and I opened up the trunk of the car to reveal my idea to throw some discs around, Ben's eyes lit up. He was especially lovestruck when he saw the orange disc....like, SUPER excited. So, how could I not let him keep it as a souvenir of his engagement session? :)

Flipping cute.

Annnddddd.....outfit change!

Do I have to say it? I. LOVE. THIS.

And this? Why this is so much a favorite that it will be gracing my website when I update it. Oh yes, it will. :)

Have a wonderful wedding and marriage Meredith and Ben! :)


Leah Hyatt said...

Oh, they are so adorable. Love the last one!

Darrell Brock said...

Another session filled with awesomeness!

Anonymous said...

really cute session!

Allison said...

These are wonderful. Love them!

Beci said...

I am in love with the black & white pic...so touching and a beautiful picture, Cheyenne. I do love your work. :)