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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Andrea and Shawn - Engaged - Charlotte Wedding Photographer

Andrea and Shawn.....I like these two. They are getting married this October at the Vanlandingham Estate - can't wait!

Let me tell you about Shawn - he is good guy - exhibit A....these photos. Half-way through our shoot I deemed Shawn an awesome nuzzler....you can just tell how much he adores Andrea. :)

Exhibit B - their engagement story. Get this....out of no where - on what seemed like any ordinary day, Andrea's friend tricked her with a story about needing to pick someone up from the airport when IN FACT, she was dropping HER off at the airport. Shawn had made all the arrangements (including packing her suitcase) for the two of them to fly to Italy where he proposed. Ummmmmmmm....awesome. Yeah. For real.


Was super excited to find this wall - the lines make me as happy as chocolate does...almost.

Blue dumpsters....my favorite.

Like her hair and makeup? I do. A lot.

Who do you think did her hair/makeup? None other then Kymm of Who's the Fairest.

Make your eyes hurt a little? Me too.....but I still love it.

Those shoes are way too freaking cute.

See you guys SOON! :)


Briony said...

these are gorgeous!

Jessica L Sack said...

These made me smile - what a cute couple!

Anonymous said...

Cheyenne-- these are so fantastic-- we are thrilled!! Can't wait to work with you on the bridal shoot and the BIG DAY!!


holly crawford said...

awww they make me happy. love the orange wall too! :) great pics!!

Steph Wright said...

You are such an amazing photographer! I can only hope that I will be half as good as you are one day!

Amy Martin said...

Great shots Cheyenne!

Elizabeth Whisennant said...

I do love those shoes! Polka dots make everything cuter. Great pictures- what a great engagement story.

Bobbie said...

Wowzer! I love these! I haven't been on your blog in way to long, and there is SO much eye candy to see! LOVE everything girl!