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Monday, November 12, 2007

"You're the One I Wanted To Find"

It happened! On November 3, 2007, Christy and Zach got married in Phoneix, Arizona. Not only was this exciting because of the wedding, but it was also my very first trip to Arizona! I love seeing new places - I just hate to fly to them.

Christy was my roommate while we were in graduate school in middle of no where - Macomb, Illinois. And trust me - I'm not exaggerating...it was in the middle of NO WHERE. We would have to drive an hour and a half to the Olive Garden, which was a restaurant we frequented often despite the drive.

Christy and Zach met in graduate school also - he was a first year when we were second years. Today they live in Tucson, AZ with their pup (Gertrude) and both work at the University of Arizona. I mean, I'm sure Arizona is great, but I personally think they should move to Charlotte and be our neighbors.

I was honored to be one of Christy's bridesmaids for her wedding day. Although I didn't photograph the wedding officially, I certainly didn't hold back from bringing my camera everywhere I went to still get some shots.

Congratulations Christy and Zach! Can't wait for our couple's cruise! :)))

This picture below is HIL-ARIOUS to me. My friend Brandon (AKA Cutlery) and I looking absolutely ridiculous together.

Love you, Christy! Always!


Anonymous said...


Thank you so so SO much for the beautiful memories of our wedding. It was so great to see you and Geoff, if only for what seemed like much too short of a time. Christy and I miss you lots already and I hope all is going well for you, Geoff, and Ellen! We definitely need to plan that couples cruise too!

Thanks again - your site is amazing!


ashley & jeremy parsons said...

these are great - love the color in your images!