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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My new sister!

As of this past Saturday, I have a new sister-in-law...Jessica! That's right - my brother, Joe, got married. Geoff and I flew home to California for the weekend for the wedding. It was a really quick trip, but still great to be home.

Joe and Jess were supposed to have the ceremony outside, but we woke up to grey skies, which eventually turned to rain. Still, the space they used for the ceremony was awesome - we could hear the rain on the roof as they said their vows, which was very romantic.

We were missing three siblings at the wedding - 1) brother Brandon had a football game (at which he got a touchdown and then split his forehead open and had to get stitches) and 2) sister-in-law Khadijah had just had my new niece a few days before! 3) brother Ryan is over on this side of the country in Kentucky, so he couldn't make it. We missed you all!

Congratulations, Joe and Jessica. Geoff and I love you dearly. May your life together as one be blessed greatly.


Here's Jess - isn't she pretty?!

Wedding Day - Getting Ready

Brother A.J.

Brother Joe

Brother Morgan

Mother and Brother Brandon

Sister Zickarot ("Zicky")


Step-dad Fred



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