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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dom and Francois - Engaged

It was the late summer/early fall of 2006 that I met Dom. I was newly engaged and had just moved up from Clemson, SC to begin working at Davidson College. Dom was on the student staff in Residence Life - the department that I worked for. As the year went on, the more I got to know her as she often came into my next door co-worker's office to tell us the latest happenings of her social life, as well as tidbits of Francois. And the more I got to know her, the more I liked her. :)

She eventually graduated and went on to medical school in Texas. Around the same time, I left the college to pursue photography full-time. And then, this past summer....I got an email from her telling me that she was engaged to marry Francois and that she wanted Geoff and I to shoot her Baton Rouge, Louisiana wedding in December. And so, we did. :)

Geoff and I flew in two days early so we could shoot their engagement session the day before the wedding in downtown Baton Rouge. Many thanks to Dom's nana and sister for coming along to help with watching Pilot and Putnam (Dom and Francois' pups).

Pilot - their first born. :)

And there's Putnam on the right. Let me tell you, I quickly became infatuated with this animal....he makes the most ridiculous (but adorable) sounds...I guarantee you've never heard a dog make the sounds that Putnam does - he sounded much more like a dinosaur than a dog.

Oh, I LOVE this.

And this would be the moment right after Dom snuck a double wet willy on Francois. Amazing.

Wedding pics coming soon. :)


Carolina Wedding Design said...

I want those dogs!! I could play with those ears all day long!

Stephanie said...

The one with the dog's ears standing up is ADORABLE!

missjulierae said...

Oh! The b/w one of the pup Pilot just melts my heart inside. His little eyes are so sweet!

Kiersten said...

Beautiful work! Got to love the dog with the ears flapping in the breeze!

Dianne Jago said...

i LOVE the new look of your site and blog :) I was actually stopping by to check your recent work (since my brain is having a hard time 'branding' our website) and was excited to see the new layout! great pics! you are inspiration to keep pushing forward :)

<3 Dianne Jago

Mike, Erica, and Evan said...

Amazing photos and love your blog!! So glad I came across it :)

Mandi Nikole said...

Great images.

Alexandra Roberts Photography said...

I love her coat so much. I love the steps one and the last one the best, but they are all gorgeous!

Charlotte Wedding Photographer - The Schultzes said...

alexandra - i know! i wanted to steal that coat! :)