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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Charlotte City Club - Trinette and Jason: Married

To our delight, Trinette and Jason were married at the Charlotte City Club. Have I mentioned how much we love the City Club? :)

The ceremony didn't begin until after the sun had set, so Trinette and Jason decided to see each other beforehand for a "First Look" so we could knock all of their pictures out while still having some natural light. Uptown Charlotte was decorated for Christmas, so we chose the gigantic lit up tree for the spot where they saw each other for the first time. :)

I especially loved Trinette's wedding dress from J Majors, makeup by Kymm from Who's the Fairest, and hair by Jorden at Dolce Lusso. She let her hair down for the reception - let me tell you....Trinette has GORGEOUS hair.

I LOVE this image of Trinette.

Flowers by Party Blooms.

We all know how much I love a candy buffet. :)

LOVE this one of Trinette with her dad. :)

Charlotte DJ Company provided the music for the evening.

Congratulations Trinette and Jason!!


Vanessa said...

Cheyenne and Geoff! Your work amazes me. Love these! The first shot of Trinette is just gorgeous!! :)

andi said...

beautiful couple<3
those dancy pictures are the sweetest(:

jamiedelaine said...

you two are just fabulous. i love your blog. one of my favourites.

Chris Hunt said...

the veil shots are sweet, but have to say the father daughter shot is the one!

Trinette said...

Thank you for these! The one of me and my father - in one moment captures our relationship and how much we love each other. You don't even know my Dad, but you couldn't have captures his spirit better! Makes me cry looking at it! I cannot thank you enough for capturing all the little things!

Jessica said...

LOVE that veil pic!

Karen Schultz said...

Trinnette is a natural...picture tell the whole story...your photos describe a wonderfully matched couple...

MinaMina said...

Finally! I've been dyeing to see these. Trinette...you look absolutely gorgeous! I'm so lucky to able to call you my sister in law, you are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the out (I know...cliche, but it's true!) Love ya'!

Stephanie said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I will give you one millllion dollars if you tell me what kind of actions you're using on these... but even just the clarity of the photos, the composition.. it's just so gorgeous!!

Trinette, your dress is to die for!

Charlotte Wedding Photographer - The Schultzes said...

thanks everyone. :)

Stephanie - I use Totally Rad Actions :)