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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Something New

So we have a totally free Saturday and what are we doing? Shooting.

We couldn't help ourselves! After watching Zack Arias' One Light DVD this afternoon, we couldn't WAIT to get out and test our new found knowledge on off-camera lighting. We have used some off-camera lighting before, but to be honest, really didn't know what we were doing until watching this dvd - it really is a great educational tool.

Our light source was our little bitty PhotoFlex 12x16" LiteDome kit and all images were shot at ISO 100, f/5.6, 1/200 sec with my flash set at 1/4 power in manual mode with the 17-40mm 4.0 lens. It was a little after 4pm (sun sets around 5:30pm) when we started shooting.

(sun behind me)

(sun to my left)

(sun behind me)

And can we give it up for my hot model?!


Leah Bowman said...

STUNNING!!!! The model and the work!!! I so need to get that DVD! 8)

Karen Schultz said...

U 2 R so entertaining.

Caroline Ghetes said...

Hey Cheyenne! These look great! I actually have Zack's dvd on my list of things to get. I totally need help in the off camera lighting department. Looks like you guys totally got the hang of it! Nice ; )

Toia said...

Your pictures are awesome!! I love what you did with the lighting and how beautiful the sky looks.

PS - Is that handsome model your husband? :)

PSS - I have 2 cousins that stay in Fayetville (i think this is spelled right) NC.

Thanks so much sharing!!

Valerie Schooling said...

These are soooo neat! Learning more about off camera lighting is definitely one of my biggest 2009 goals! Do you recommend that DVD?

Matthew Hammett said...

That's next on my list. We ended up getting Robert Evans' Mentor Wanted for Christmas.

I enjoyed the shots. I definitely want to learn more about off-camera flash this year.

Great work Cheyenne!!!

Cheyenne Schultz said...

Leah - It's a GREAT dvd

Karen - glad we could be of your service

Caroline - I don't know about getting the hang of it, but we definitely tried! :)

Toia - Thanks! Yes, that hot man is all mine! :)

Valerie - DEFINITELY recommend!

Matt - thanks, bud!

Anonymous said...

girl you rocked the off camera lighting! i am proud of you...keep practicing cause it will make an incredible difference in your range of creativity when doing wedding shots! (p.s. this is your new friend Liz Danko)

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are awesome!!I enjoyed the shots. I definitely want to learn more about off-camera flash this year.keep going..

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