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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

3 Yellow Dogs + A Great Family

Since seeing "The Funny Farm" with Chevy Chase, I've developed a special love for yellow dogs. The day after Christmas (and the day before this shoot) I went with Geoff to see the movie Marley and Me, so I was pumped to shoot the MacWhirter Family and their THREE yellow labs (Sonny, Boone, and Cooper).

Ahh yes, brotherly/sisterly love

The whole bunch


Emily Mason said...

I love these images! Your blog is awesome=)

Valerie Schooling said...

These are great, I bet the family is thrilled!

Btw, are you going to WPPI this year? I'm looking for roommate(s) if you know of anyone...


Cheyenne Schultz said...

Emily - thanks!

Valerie - the family was SO great...we loved them. Fairly certain I'm not going to WPPI this year. :(

Lauren Kinsey said...

ahhhhh I loved the movie Marley and Me! My hubby and I went to see it Christmas day but I totally cried the last 45 minutes of the movie! Great shots Cheyenne!