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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's time for you to bless back.

Coolest thing happened at church this past Sunday....the Bless Back Project.

Our church -
Elevation Church - is only two years old. Every Sunday, over 2,000 people pack into the campuses of Providence High School and Butler High School here in Charlotte for church. The growth is outrageous. So, Elevation is in the process of launching a massive campaign called DOMINATE to raise the funds needed for the future home of Elevation.

This past Sunday, Pastor Steve told us that if they are asking us to do something radical with our money, then the church is going to do something radical too. With that, he asked the ushers to come forward. Just as Geoff and I were reaching down to fetch some cash, we are all told to put our money away.

"Today, we aren't taking up the offering. Today, we are giving the offering to you."

Confused, we kept attentive. The ushers then handed out the buckets full of stacks of envelopes labeled "Bless Back Project", of which we were each instructed to take one. Inside was either $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, or $1,000.

Pastor Steve then instructed us that we should use the money to bless someone in Charlotte and specifically told us to not give it back to the church. Then, after we've used the money, we are to log what we did with it on
http://www.blessbackproject.com/ .

I'm sorry, but this is just nuts. And insanely amazing. Who does that?! Over the five services, the church had given out $40,000 for the purpose of blessing back! Wow!

I got $20 and Geoff got $10. We aren't certain what we're going to do with it yet, but are praying that God show us what He wants us to use it for. So cool!


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jscoshow@gmail.com said...

I went to Elevation last week too and was blown away by the Bless Back Project. Can't wait to hear about it this next week - I've read some of the stories online and it's so exciting!!!